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The practice growth management program for dentists who are looking forward to progressive learning and hand held mentor ship for a thoughtful and energizing dentistry ahead.

Why learn the art to run a Dental Clinic?

After I graduated, I felt like I was thrown out in this University of hit and trial growth that apart from core clinical skills I was confused how to run my Dental Clinic as a business. That’s when I thought it ought to be created like customized plan for Dentists who are stuck in their growth journey by dental business education.

Learn what successful dentists do.

develop team

Create a team that will empower you not just as a dentist but as a business owner as well for they give you the liberty to enjoy while they earn for you.

enjoy dentistry

Enjoy not just the professional but the personal excellence as well understanding the 6 most important elements of human success.

create wealth

Create so much wealth for yourselves  that all your dreams brushed under the carpet could be completed easily and still you have plenty to help the people around.

Who is it for?

  • Single or Two Chaired practices stuck in their growth journey.
  • Dentists who want to organize their practice to the next level.
  • Dentists needing mentorship for execution of their goals.
  • Female dentists who are clueless how to start their journey or restart their journey after family ways.
  • Dentists starting their professional journeys.
dr nikhil girdhar

Dr. Nikhil Girdhar

Founder, DENTiPRAM

Dr. Nikhil Girdhar, father of two really sharp and creative kids,a smile designer dentist, a writer since 20 years, a dental business coach and an entrepreneur by heart. 

He has been running multiple dental practices with the name of Dr. Nikhil’s Dental since 10 years . Along with that he is now mentoring 14 practices pan India with some revolutionary results. After being mentored by DBM from Dr. Manish Chitnis, he has had a remarkable journey of practice management starting from a naive who used to find dental practise as a very challenging and non profitable profession to now moving towards relishing all the flavors of life through dentistry. He has been conferred with the award of marketing genius of the year award . Afterwards, he was appointed as Dental Business Coach. He travels to Mumbai every quarter to address a group of elite dentists in Mumbai for dental business education.

Along with that, he is the founder of various projects like Robust India- a professionally executed school health program , Health Now Magazine and DENTiPRAM – dental practice management academy. Dr. Nikhil has conducted interactive sessions in various dental associations on dental practice management. Apart from that his interests are connecting with people, public speaking, sports, technology and management skills. He loves to train dentists for setting their goals, a better patient experience and dental marketing. 

What's in it for me?

Maximize Revenue

Learn the never taught communication skills, soft skills, selling skills, team building skills to make the most out of your dental proficiency. Maximize your revenues by implementing the time tested, scientific and ethical protocols to enjoy all the elements of a successful life.

  • Get more new patients every month.
  • Grow profits up to 35%+ year after year.
  • Learn the art of managing your financials.

Add Systems

Systems for all the four pillars of dentistry - Financial, Patient Interaction, Team Building and Marketing.

  • Set goals and track daily, weekly and monthly to influence behavior and results.
  • Develop KPI’s per team member to drive performance and accountability.
  • Develop a Team Leader to take things off your plate.

Work Life Balance

Creating an ideal balance between family, patients and time is an tough job for dentists. We will help you make the right choices so that you can support your family physically, emotionally and financially.

  • More time with your family.
  • More freedom to make decisions to keep improving the practice.
  • More money to make a bigger IMPACT in life.

Increase Your Reach

Marketing empowers your practice to achieve your goals and increase your reach by delivering your services to a larger number of clients.

  • Reach and convert your prospective patients.
  • Prepare your customized marketing plan.
  • Achieve your goals with innovative marketing ideas.

Trusted by more than 1000 Dentists

Crisp dental coaching videos of dental business education covering Introspection & Financial Plan, Patient Journey, Team Building, Marketing and more.

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Our Modules

  • Introspection
  • Personal & Professional Excellence
  • Work Life Balance
  • Finances
  • Patient Experience
  • Patient Journey
  • Ethical Selling
  • Patient Retention
  • Team Characteristics
  • Team Recruitment
  • Team Training
  • Team retention
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Internal & External Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding


Kick start your growth journey here

Beginner Membership

For beginners
2333 Monthly
  • Introspection & Finances
  • Patient Journey
  • Team Building
  • Marketing

Advanced Membership

For implementors
5333 Monthly
  • Introspection & Finances
  • Patient Journey
  • Team Building
  • Marketing
  • Personal Mentoring

Premium Membership

For growth navigators
8333 Monthly
  • Introspection & Finances
  • Patient Journey
  • Team Building
  • Marketing
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Social Media Posts

What Celebrity Mentors Have to Say

 Meet Dr.Nikhil Girdhar a hardworking genius in Dentistry. I happen to meet him a few years ago at my hands-on course & at DBM & came to know about his secrets of his success story in Dentistry. Today he is all ready to share his success formulas, tips, tricks & experience with the dental fraternity & begins his humble journey in his denti ‘pram’ taking dentists alongside who wish to benefit from his immense knowledge on managing a clinic, to forming a dream team, to clinic finances & much more. I personally feel programs are a must for every Dentist as we are taught nothing about managing our practices. I wish Dr.Nikhil great success & I am sure your journey with him will be fruitful in all ways.

Dr. Rajiv Verma
Celebrity Mentor, India

 Dr Nikhil Girdhar is one Dentist I have met who is a very keen observer , learner and has the intellect to grasp things very fast. He is one of the most proactive candidates graduated from DBM. I am proud to see how Dr Nikhil is sharing the knowledge and improving the standards of dental practice teams. As an DBM accredited coach he is one of the finest coaches in our team who gives his best guidance to dentists. Anyone who would be interested in applying the principles of evidence based dental business management coaching we highly recommend Dr Nikhil at Dentipram. Our best wishes to all his endeavours.

What Dentists Have to Say

This is highly recommended course for all Dentist. Dr Nikhil has been mentoring me from last 2 years and his tips are really helping me in my practice.

I really recommend to take a course with Dr. Nikhil . He would be much helpful and guide you in every aspect of the clinic management.

Dr. Tarek Hamada Dawoud
From Egypt
Definitely a must attend program for Dentapruners... To learn the business aspect of Dentistry right from patient management to clinical system establishment. Highly recommended!
After meeting Dr Nikhil as a mentor, I gained a lot of advantages in practice by applying his guidance and results are amazing. You all can also do things much better beyond thoughts by applying the guidance of Master practice coach Dr Nikhil Girdhar

 Dr Nikhil has been an exceptional coach enlisting all the essentials required to efficiently run a clinical practice in a very organized manner. The modules are crisp and extremely informative. If u need to organize your clinical practice and are clueless as to where to begin with he is the person to connect to..

Dr. Nishtha Ramavat
From Delhi, India
Need of the hour for dentists to learn practice management. Dr. Nikhil has in depth knowledge of the subject and gives practical tips which you can start implementing right away.
Dr. Shruti Goel
From Delhi, India
Highly recommended..... One to One interaction with mentor is best thing about this course....
Testimonial dr pravesh advanced dental practice management course
Dr. Pravesh Dhingra
From Haryana, India

 Highly recommended. Need of the hour for Haryana Dentists.

Testimonial dr khatri
Dr. Ajay Khatri
From Haryana, India

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