Age is just a number, virtue is the biggest asset

My son turned 3 yesterday. We all have studied researched and used those milestone charts to assess the growth of our baby.
I feel that the clinic after its inception also goes through the same phases of infancy, toddler and childhood and its milestones are not very obvious to a large chunk of dentists. Age is just a number and virtue decides your growth. Virtue is the biggest adjective that could be added to any human being.
We all celebrate the birthday of our dental centres every year without fail but how many of us do actually count the years we have been achieving those milestones.
It could be a new beginning to start celebrating every birthday of your center with a specific set of systems in full flow in the practice. To start with the morning checklists, patient welcome check list and extending till patient exit checklists we all have been using it every day.
But consistency makes or breaks the game for sure. If we could just abide by the rule of adding 3, 4 or 5 systems every year with the discipline, passion and the commitment to do it every day in the same manner, then that birthday celebration is justified.

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