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Introspection & Finances

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Introspection & Finances course enables you to introspect learn work life balance and adopt the change required for a sound financial balance sheet.

  • 34 Videos

    Includes introspection, work life balance and financial side of dentistry.

  • Session with mentor

    One complimentary online one to one session of 60 minutes to discuss your problems and suggest you solutions

  • 4+ Hours of learning

    Short and interesting videos created with the balance between knowledge, relevance and interest

After the Introspection & Finances course you will be able to identify & analyse

Revenue Insights

Learn the never taught communication skills, soft skills, selling skills, team building skills in  to make the most out of your dental proficiency. Maximize your revenues by implementing the time tested, scientific and ethical protocols.There are some specific advantages that you will get as far as this course is concerned. For instance, you will be able to discuss and analyse your patient inflow with the mentor. Similarly you can grow your profits by upto 50%+ after an year and your mentor will be guiding force to keep on pushing you, motivating you and encouraging you to reach closer to your goals. And above all you can learn the art of managing your financials.

Work Life Balance

Creating an ideal balance between family, patients and time is an tough job for dentists. We will help you make the right choices so that you can support your family physically, emotionally and financially. The first advantage you get is more time with your family. Similarly you can have more freedom to make decisions to keep improving the practice. In addition you will have more money in your pocket to make a bigger impact in life.