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Mentored Membership enables you to have a complete support and guidance by one to one sessions with mentor. It also features complete rendezvous for the complete journey of practice management via videos on all modules. It includes videos from Introspection & Finances, Patient Journey, Team Building and Marketing.

  • All 4 modules content

    Includes all videos from all topics of complete course.

  • Access to all Downloadable Resources

    Ready to use templates to help your initial implementation process

  • Two session every month with mentor

    Two complimentary online one to one session of 60 minutes each to discuss your problems and suggest you solutions.

  • Access to all updated content

    No hassles of travelling, accomodation. Just sit back home, relax and enjoy the online learning from this platform according to your comfort.

  • Entry to Dentipram offline events at 50% cost

    The member need to invest just 50% of the actual cost at all dentipram offline events.

Business Consultation

Connect with the mentor for your routine business challenges that have been the hindrance for your growth since long. Carve out your customized business planning with reality check from the mentor to identify and convert your goals into reality.

Charges in your center

Carve out the best pricing chart for your center with the customized help of your mentor to strike the perfect chord between prices and valuation. Discuss the necessary changes needed along the journey. Understand cash flow and the capital expenditure incurred to start a new center or a new service.

Discuss the challenges in adopting systems

Learning and executing are all together a different ball game when it comes to adopting systems. So those trouble shooting sessions are really going to help you come over the feeling of under achiever. 

Manage your overwhelm

With so many balls up in the air for a dental entrepreneur the feeling of overwhelm comes as natural to every dental clinic owner. Your mentor will help you ease all those thoughts which come in between you and your dreams. With the balanced approach and continuous support system, your mentor will guide you through these ups and downs of the work life balance to strike the perfect chord for your personal development as well.

Brainstorm and execute your marketing plan

Brainstorming with the mentor will help you understand the realities and the common issues that are ignored while planning a perfect marketing plan. Take the hand held mentor ship of making a customized marketing plan which can be executed with required budget to achieve the desirable goals. 

Increase treatment acceptance rate

Ethical Selling can certainly be a game changer for your practice and its integration with a customised plan for your center according to your needs makes it even more effective, efficient and impacting. Your mentor will help you carve out a customised plan that fits your center, you , your patients and your team so that it becomes practical, doable and repeatable as well.

Customize your patient journey

Mentorship makes a special addition to your patient journey which is the biggest resource to win patients. By one to one sessions you will be able to edit any level of your patient journey in that exact way that it does not interfere with the complete intricacy of the journey that is designed to increase your patient base and deliver them with a pleasing & memorable experience at your center.​

Get rid of your team challenges

Team management can be a challenging task. Though the course videos will give you indepth insights to the complete knowledge of team building but still having ahand held mentor ship makes it all the more easy and doable. Mentor helps you through the journey as he helps you get out of those tricky situations where you are stuck.​

Add Systems of patient journey

Introduction to the patient journey and the various steps involved in the same. It also features the ethical selling steps which are necessary for selling high end treatments. The safety and comfort of the patients and also the wow factor ideas to make your patient happy and amazed with your services. The course elaborates the complete psychology to the different types of patients as well the modalities to deal with them.

Increase treatment acceptance rate

Learn the art and science of the ethical selling to sell your high end treatments like Full mouth Rehabilitation, Invisalign, Implants and various other procedures. Understanding this concept not only makes you confident about dealing with patients but also helps you get your much awaited cases whose training from clinical courses is getting wasted because of your inability to sell your treatments.

Understand the basics of marketing

After you complete Marketing Course - You will be ready to adopt systems for all the 6 steps of marketing. You will be able to analyse the buying cycle of your patient and consequently you can plan the customized marketing plan for your prospective patients.

Increase Your Reach

Get to know the very basics of marketing like the cycle of marketing for a dental patient and the funnels involved in the same. Know how internal marketing can be a game changer for your practice. Internal marketing can revolutionize your marketing plan with zero to low cost marketing ideas.

What Dentists Have to Say

After meeting Dr Nikhil as a mentor, I gained a lot of advantages in practice by applying his guidance and results are amazing. You all can also do things much better beyond thoughts by applying the guidance of Master practice coach Dr Nikhil Girdhar
This is highly recommended course for all Dentist. Dr Nikhil has been mentoring me from last 2 years and his tips are really helping me in my practice.
Anyone who would be interested in applying the principles of evidence based dental business management coaching we highly recommend Dr Nikhil at Dentipram. Our best wishes to all his endeavors.

I really recommend to take a course with Dr. Nikhil . He would be much helpful and guide you in every aspect of the clinic management.

Dr. Tarek Hamada Dawoud
From Egypt
Definitely a must attend program for Dentapruners... To learn the business aspect of Dentistry right from patient management to clinical system establishment. Highly recommended!
Highly recommended..... One to One interaction with mentor is best thing about this course....
Testimonial dr pravesh advanced dental practice management course
Dr. Pravesh Dhingra
From Haryana, India

 Highly recommended. Need of the hour for Haryana Dentists.

Testimonial dr khatri
Dr. Ajay Khatri
From Haryana, India
Dr. Neha Sahni
From Delhi, India
Dr. Nishtha Ramavat
From Delhi, India
Dr. Gitanjali Chhabra
From Punjab, India